Hurco Companies, Inc

Hurco, Inc. is a American industrial automation company that designs and produces computerized machine systems for the worldwide metal cutting industries. Hurco supplies customers with the most intelligent, efficient and user-friendly computer numerically controlled (CNC) metalworking machinery available. Since it was founded in 1968, Hurco has maintained the same mission – to provide unique, innovative software, controls & machines that help our customers maximize productivity and profitability through reduced setup time and multi-tasking on the shop floor.  Hurco offers an extensive lineup of machines including Vertical, Horizontal & 5 Axis Machining Centers, along with a full CNC Turning Centers.  
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Enshu (USA) Corporation

Since 1920 Enshu has demonstrated their manufacturing expertise and built one of the most worlds most respected names in the machine tool industry.  Enshu builds ultra high performance CNC machine tools.  At Enshu every detail of the machine is considered and the result is a superior product inside and out.  After every new machine model is constructed, polished and fine-tuned, Enshu puts it to work themselves running the machines in their own factories 24/7.  Enshu offers both stand-alone CNC Vertical & Horizontal Machining Centers and Advanced Turnkey Manufacturing Systems.   Enshu CNC machines Out-Perform, Out-Produce and Out-last the competition.  
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Index / Traub

INDEX / Traub has been one the worlds leading manufacturer’s of turning machines for over 90 years. And, it’s no wonder why, at INDEX / Traub the foremost duty is to serve the customer.  INDEX / Traub turn-mill centers set the standard for economic high precision solutions tailored to the customer’s needs.  Machines offered range from the classic production turning machine to tailor made matching cells equipped with handling units.  From simple to highly complex parts, in small to large lot sizes, INDEX / Traub is offering consistently economic and technologically superior CNC Turning solutions.  
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Anderson America

Anderson is a world class manufacturer of CNC Routers, processing equipment and Digital UV Printers.  Anderson CNC routers machine composites, plastics, engineered materials, aluminum and wood in high accuracy and high production applications.  State of the art CNC controls, high speed spindles, automatic tool changers, from standard 3 Axis machines to  full 5 Axis Machining Centers Anderson offers a full line of CNC Routing Machines.  
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